Pictures from "StratoFox 1" trip to Black Rock

Sunday pack-up and departure

[map of Smoke Creek route from Black Rock] These pictures are from Sunday, tearing down camp and returning to San Jose.

With the route we scouted out the previous afternoon, we determined that it was probably passable for John's passenger car. What we found out was that the gravel road is fine on the Nevada side. But California's dirt roads earn as bad a reputation as its paved roads. This should not be tried with vehicles that are either low-clearance or have tight suspensions intended only for paved roads.

But once we got through to US395, it was a delightful scenic route the rest of the way through the mountains to Chico. From there it was just a regular drive through the valley, which we did without stopping.

This route is not faster but may be more fun. It's within 30 miles of the same distance as going through Reno. But this road is curvier and slower in places - it may take at least an hour longer when comparing optimal travel times between the two. (But more comparison will be needed to understand the differences.) Though the pine forests, mountains and lakes made a more pleasant drive. And the highest mountain pass is only 5600' in elevation this way instead of 7200' over Donner Summit.

Things we saw along the way:

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Some of the group cooks breakfast on the left. Bryan is packing gear from inside the social tent. Gary KG6CGA is taking down his tent.
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Heath KG6GTX's tent is the only one still up. We're still packing my truck. Anbd we still need to remove the tarp which acted as a floor between the community/social tent and the personal tents.
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All the tents are down and tarps are packed. Some last things are still being packed up. And everyone who isn't packing things has started inspecting the area to make sure we take away every last scrap of stuff we brought.
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Taken on the drive home during a gas stop, this is a shot of the town of Chester on the shore of Lake Almanor near Mount Lassen.

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